The Benefits of Light Therapy

The Benefits Of Light Therapy


Light therapy masks contain a range of different wavelengths in order to treat different types of skin conditions. The primary ones that are usually used are Red, blue and orange as they are scientifically proven to be most effective.


This article explores the differences and similarities between using different light therapy wavelengths to improve your skin.




Red light therapy 


Red light therapy is a safe, and effective natural skin treatment, it has been used and recommended by celebrities and skin specialists all around the world. Some common uses are for wrinkles, rejuvenation, acne, and healing injuries & scars.


Red light gives you more energy, improves your blood circulation, and reduces your inflammation. It promotes the production of collagen, which we stop producing in our 20s.


After thousands of studies on women, red light was shown to  improve skin tone, boost collagen, improve healing of the skin, lower inflammation, and greatly reduce acne.



Blue light therapy 


Blue light therapy uses light to treat specific skin conditions. It’s considered a pain-free procedure.


The light used is a natural violet or blue light, and it’s considered to be an alternative treatment.

Blue light therapy can only treat areas that the light can reach. So it’s typically used to treat conditions present on, or just underneath, the surface of the skin.


Blue light therapy is mostly used to treat sun damage. It can actually be used to prevent skin cancer and remove both precancerous skin lesions and cancerous skin lesions.


Photodynamic therapy can be used to treat skin cancer. It causes the photosynthesizing drug that’s been applied to the skin to react with oxygen, killing the cancer cells. It may also be used to trigger an immune system defense or damage the blood vessels that are feeding the cancer cells.


 Additionally, Blue light therapy can also treat other types of skin disorders. It can be used to improve skin texture and reduce enlarged oil glands. It can help with removing sun spots, acne, and even scars.


In conclusion, blue light therapy Oxygenates photon energy in order to kill acne causing bacteria and clear the skin. Causes the skin to look less oily and promotes anti-inflammatory effects.



Orange light therapy 


Orange light therapy is a drug free alternative for helping with skin issues, including but not limited to: redness, irritation, rosacea, and UV radiation damage. It is within the range of wavelengths from 580nm to 590nm. It has a shallow skin penetration and can be effective for skin issues involving redness, such as spider veins or rosacea.


 Though it is not typically used for tissue healing or collagen/elastin production, orange light does excel in the assistance of aiding problems such as sun damage. It is often considered to be an ideal therapy solution for sensitive skin with calming and soothing benefits. orange light therapy additionally assists with lymphatic drainage that eliminates toxins in the skin.


In conclusion orange light promotes the alternating function of cell oxygen, used to treat: Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Mild Eczema, Mild Psoriasis, and even sunburns.